Studio Archive

All Blown Out (2002)

Single Channel Video For Projection, 03:48
The final scene of Michelangelo Antonioni's film Blow-Up has been digitally degraded to highlight the conditions of the main character's mind at the end of the film.

Being Prada Seen (2001)

Single Channel Video, 03:21
Optic Verve show at Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada, 2001

The idea of branding and its connection to the cultural, historical, economic, psychological and sociological field that surround and embrace it has captured my attention. In the year 1998-1999 the Prada fashion brand was extremely powerful and people wearing Prada clothes were unmistakable and highly attention grabbing or as Paul Virilio says “phatic”. In this video, I simply roller blade down the West Side Highway as seven video cameras at different camera angles videotape me…

Taos, Pueblo, Looping (2000)

Single Channel Video, 04:55
In this work I am not blind folded and again use the hybrid dialectic of video camera and blind mans stick to trace out seven different sections of the Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico. This work is a seven-screen projection work. Each looped section is a memory loop and represents a strictly defined neural network. The blind mans stick represents in this case a kind of cultural blindness in our attempts…

Kiss (2000)

Single Channel Video, 04:26