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The Statisticon Neon, 2017. Neon glass and chalk on 24 blackboards, 570 x 320 cm
Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V., Wallwork
Pizzagate, 2017. Neon glass sculpture, approximately 400 x 500 x 280 cm,
Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V., back gallery
The Palinopsic Field, Installation view, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), 2016

Performance, Duende Diagram, Detail, Mana Contemporary, New Jersey, 2015

Recent Works

The Statisticon Neon, 2017

Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur
am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V.
Linienstraße 40, Berlin

Color of Politics, 2017

Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur
am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V.
Linienstraße 40, Berlin

Selected Bibliography

How noise and neons give birth to new worldviews

Warren Neidich’s introduction into ‘Neuro-Aesthetics’ at Priska Pasquer


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Die Farben der Wahrheit

„Pizzagate“ und kognitiver Kapitalismus: Der Konzeptkünstler Warren Neidich reagiert in Zeiten von Fake News aufklärerisch.
Claudia Wahjudi, Tagesspiegel, 18.07.2017

The colours of Truth

“Pizzagate” and cognitive capitalism: In times of fake news conceptual artist Warren Neidich strives to clear things up.
Claudia Wahjudi

Böser Blick in unser Hirn

Kölner Kultur, Donnerstag, 16. August 2018, Thomas Linden

A dirty look into our brains

Profound art by Warren Neidich at Prisky Pasquer gallery
by Thomas Linden

Ende des Experiments

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Artist Warren Neidich Talks New Exhibition, Cycles of Fear and Discrimination

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Duende und das neurobiologische Erhabene

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DARE | Warren Neidich (English)
DARE | Warren Neidich (Deutsch)

Dare | Magazin für Kunst und Überdies
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Each Rainbow Must Retain the Chromatic Signature, it…

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Turning Japanese

Artforum, April 1989 by John Welchman


Barbara Seiler Galerie
Zuerich, Switzerland
T: +41 43 317 1042
Cologne, Germany
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Warren Neidich is a post-conceptual artist, writer and theorist. He is currently Professor of Art at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and founding director of the Saas Fee Summer Institute of Art. Conceptual Art today is not about immaterial objects but immaterial labor operating in the knowledge economy but also engaging the process of the brain. His work combines photography, video, painting, Internet downloads, and scotch tape and noise installations operating in social spaces and preempting future realities.